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Sometimes a pillow, a throw or a wall hanging (the method  kings kept the heat in their castles) is more in keeping with ones' aesthetic when treated as art. 

Growing up in England, we were always surrounded by colorful art--from Caribbean-style  crocheted doilies to fridge art.

And then there were the flowers.   I grew up in England where neighbors would rage a battle that was fiercer than the Blitz: the bragging rights for the best-looking garden--the bigger and most bodacious the blooms, the better. It wasn't unusual for all hell to break loose when one neighbor was caught nicking (transl. borrowing with neither prior approval nor intension of remuneration )
a cutting from another's prized rose bush. My Mum steered clear of all that by growing the most luscious smelling (and looking) blood-red  peonies this side of Wandsworth.

This collection of art from my repertoire was once coined in House & Garden as "Comfortable Paintings"--art that you truly live with--and featured in the Times.
For the flower pieces, I've taken classical blooms  and surrounded them with Pop Art-influenced patterns and colors-my little fashion-insider nod to all things Pucci.  Motifs--Africa (like my young dancer) travel locales--are featured throughout, and pillows in particular are far more interesting when displayed as art. 

Styles can be duplicated, but no two are exactly alike, making each one-of-a-kind. Each piece has been heat- or steam-set for permanence.  Don't freak at any imperfections: they're to be expected in anything that's actually made by hand.  Spot or dry clean only.


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2009 PJ Cobbs

Wall Hanging

Hollow, Cognac, France

Small Circles Pillow

Yellow Cosmic Flower Scarf

Yellow Boxes

 Black Multi Windowpane Pillow

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