Works on Silk

PJ Cobbs--works on silk

I love silk.  I am drawn to the feel of it: it is a sensuous, optimistic, elegant, and yielding fabric that although appearing delicate, has at once strength and a translucence that are  enhanced by the color that it readily soaks up.

Silk  is a truthful fabric-what you see is what you get, even as a painting medium.
However, the reality of trying to capture an image on silk is an arduous, sometimes uncomfortable, endeavor. There's the prep-work involved: treating the fabric, stretching it, finding the right dyes and pigments, and finally setting it to make it permanent. Then there's the work itself: waiting for inspiration; finding the perfect place to paint, whether the control of the studio or the spontaneity of outdoors-- sometimes under the amused eyes of  passersby.
It can all be a bit draining, and the results, sometimes unpredictable. And yet it's that very unpredictability that makes me strive on and fall in love with the results. May you do the same.
--PJ Cobbs

Copyright 2009 PJ Cobbs


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